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Update on the climate budget process

The City of Toronto has adopted an ambitious climate target, Net Zero by 2040, and a plan to go with it. The plan will be implemented by the TransformTO climate action team, and will include using of a 'climate lens' in all departments. Now we need to see the dollars and staffing allocated to prioritize climate action and climate justice.

ClimateFast, in partnership with other organizations, campaigned for full funding for the Transform TO climate plan. On February 16, 2022 we co-signed a letter as one of 59 organizations calling for the Mayor and City Councillors to address the crises in our city, and to make the budget process more accessible, transparent, democratic, participatory, and equitable. 

Budget Town Halls

Three online town halls were organized, at which ClimateFast members advocated for full funding for TransformTO, and specifically for:

  • electric buses
  • priority bus lanes
  • capital investment in electric bus bays
  • active transportation, including more bike lanes

East End Town Hall was held February 8, 2022, 7pm - 9 pm with Councillors Bradford and Fletcher, Budget Chair Gary Crawford, and Executive Director of Financial Planning, Stephen Conforti.

Downtown Town Hall was held February 10, 2022, 6:30pm - 8pm with Councillors Cressy, Layton, and Wong-Tam.
Ward 12 (Toronto-St.Paul’s) Town Hall was held Tuesday, February 15, 2022 6:30pm - 8pm with Councillor Josh Matlow and the City's Executive Director of Financial Planning, Stephen Conforti.


For information and updates check the Toronto Social Planning Council's Budget Watch.

Watch the recording of the January 19th ClimateFast training webcast "Let’s Put Climate in the Budget – Toronto 2022".The video will give you an introduction to the key issues that need to be raised, with presentations by Mike Layton, Councillor for University-Rosedale, and Kathryn Tait, Climate Campaigner at Toronto Environmental Alliance (TEA).  Scroll about 10 minutes in for the start of Mike’s presentation.

You can also read Deputation Tips by Lyn Adamson, view Kathryn Tait’s 2022 Toronto Budget - Analysis of Climate Funding slides and consider TEA's budget analysis.

Other Links

Convey Your Concern to Your Own Councillor

Individual councillors can take steps to advocate for changes in the budget and are actively involved in budget negotiations.  Make sure your councillor knows what your concerns are and ask if they will support them.  You can ask them to call you, or set up a meeting.

Find contact information for the Mayor and City Council here.

If you would like to connect with others in your ward and find a time to speak to your own councillor before this comes to a vote in February please email Please also email if you have questions about the video or the budget presentation. 

Want to Get Involved for the Long Run?

We’d love to have you join one of our working groups!  Apply to volunteer here.