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Which future will we choose for Ontario on June 2nd? Reach out on climate during the election campaign and learn about ways you can help.

Volunteer to help during the provincial election!

On April 13th ClimateFast launched the Provincial Climate Election Campaign online, with four organizations outlining four great campaigns, and explaining how people can become involved. The presenters were:

  • Lyn Adamson, ClimateFast, Ontario Climate Emergency Campaign
  • Colleen Lynch, Kitchen Table Climate Conversations, ClimateFast
  • Myrtle Millares, Climate Pledge Collective, Ontario Voter Coalition
  • Rizwana Hussain, GreenPAC
  • Tim Ellis

View a recording of the launch.

There's a role for everyone! Do you want to talk to voters? help organize a riding debate in a key riding? host a conversation on the climate crisis, and Ontario climate policy? Join us to help build the Ontario Climate Emergency Campaign! Help build the movement we need in Ontario to elect a climate-friendly provincial government on June 2nd.

Which future will it be? A living world, or a dying one? You, dear reader, know how extremely urgent effective climate action is for our province. On June 2nd we need to elect a climate action friendly government. To make that happen we need to mobilize!

Right now the trend is away from a government with a majority of climate-friendly MPPs.  ClimateFast is non-partisan, so we are simply comparing party policies on climate.  It’s especially important to work in key ridings to raise climate as a major concern.

Read on to learn about 4 great campaigns that can help make a difference!


ClimateFast has joined the Ontario Climate Emergency Campaign. This means supporting a 12-point Climate Action Plan during the election - and after. We are inviting as many groups as possible, and individuals, to pledge support for this provincial Climate Action Plan. We are planning a launch of the campaign on April 20th, so let’s make our list of supporters as huge as we can by then. Sign on your group to the Climate Action Plan. 

The OCEC campaign needs writers and help with outreach and social media. If you can help please sign up here. If you are willing to write, please also contact Lyn Adamson at


GreenPAC is working local communities in 11 key ridings in the GTA to bring an all-candidates debate to voters.  These ridings are crucial! Help is especially needed in:  Willowdale, Mississauga-Streetsville, Markham-Stouffville and Richmond Hill. If you live in or near these ridings or know of contacts or groups that could be helpful in building a successful debate PLEASE GET INVOLVED! There’s a meeting Tuesday night about Mississauga-Streetsville, and the other campaign planning teams are just getting going. 

DO YOU LIVE IN SCARBOROUGH? TEECC, the Toronto East End Climate Collective is following up on their very successful March 12 Day of Action for a Just Transition with full-on planning for debates in Scarborough Centre and Scarborough Southwest.  The first organizing meeting is this Thursday April 7th, on zoom and we’d love you to join in! 

Please contact GreenPAC soon or let them know by using this sign-up form. While GreenPAC is focused on these ridings, if you would like to organize in your own riding, get in touch and find out how GreenPAC can support you. You can also find out more about this initiative by attending our election campaign launch on Wednesday April 13th.


In June 2022, the Ontario Voters Coalition aims to elect a government that values the people and communities who build a thriving, sustainable economy based on fairness and equity. Accomplishing this requires conversations with neighbours in our ridings about which candidate and party will best advocate and implement policies that help Ontarians live fulfilling, healthy lives.

The Ontario Voters Coalition (OVC) is seeking volunteers to speak with voters in their ridings about important policy issues to consider as we head to the polls in June. It is crucial that we recognize the power we have to bring about the change we want for an equitable, sustainable Ontario. This is possible when neighbours speak with neighbours about where to find accurate information on candidates and on how to cast ballots.

Sign up and you'll be provided with the training and resources you'll need to have productive conversations on the road to electing Ontario's new government.


ClimateFast’s Kitchen Table Climate Conversations (KTCC) team held two webcasts designed to help people feel more confident talking climate ahead of the Ontario provincial election on June 2nd. We also built a resource - The Provincial KTCC Backgrounder - to help people become more confident facilitating or hosting provincially focused Kitchen Table Climate Conversations (KTCCs), and to talk about and raise awareness around climate justice.

Together, we can hold those elected to office on June 2nd accountable for the healthy, just and green province we want to see!

Read more about the Provincial KTCCs


A "mystery campaign" was also presented by Tim Ellis, which was just launched the day before. The "You Are Not Alone" - Not One Seat" Campaign is a three-part plan to deny the Conservatives a majority in the next provincial election. This can be accomplished within  the City of Toronto. First, he will build a grass roots information amplification network that harnesses the power of social media in a coordinated and scalable way that allows them to dominate the narrative and ensure their messages reach people where they are at. Alongside of this they will build a team of creatives to generate videos, podcasts, articles, graphics and memes. Secondly, teams of volunteers will fan out across the City to build connections in their home communities. They will assess the strength of candidates and their willingness to commit to work across party lines, and select candidates in different ridings. Thirdly, they will build a database of voters and, through the teams and the network, will unite voters behind that candidate.

Watch the "You are Not Alone" - Not One Seat campaign launch video.