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(Pg. 43 Facilitator Resources and Pg. 48 Presenter Slides, Toronto/Ontario/Canada version)

  • Talk to friends, families, co-workers, share solutions & encourage them to act.
  • Sign petitions, write letters, demonstrate and participate in the growing non-violent civil disobedience movement to support climate justice and help speed the ecological transition on a local, business and government level. 
  • Support climate justice, a Just Recovery and a Green New Deal through your local unions, workplaces, schools, places of worship and community groups. Work with, support and act in solidarity with labour and social justice groups.
  • Participate in public comment sessions on climate-related topics. Or, go in person as a deputant or intervenor. e.g. Ontario’s Environmental Registry, Natural Resources Canada,
  • Submit op-eds & letters to editor, call talk-back lines & tweet in response to climate-related articles & news.