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At the end of your conversation comes what might be the most important part of the KTCC! The science of social change says that large-scale social change works best when we, as individuals, feel that we are an active part of a community that shares our concerns. We suggest that you ask your group for ideas about how they can support one another. Ask if some or all of your attendees would like to meet again and explore working collectively. Ask if attendees would like to stay connected and continue to share information and ideas. 


Next Steps

  • Do attendees have a local climate plan where they live that they can support? if not, can they ask for one?
  • Any local climate or environmental justice groups? Provide a list of local climate groups.
  • Upcoming events or current things to advocate for and participate in? Include some flyers or information about upcoming actions.
  • Check out and share a calendar of events, like the one at
  • Find out who people's local leaders are and see if the group is interested in a buddy-system to go talk to them about concerns and recommendations.
  • Consider asking the group to make pledges of action and report back to one another on progress.

Supporting One Another

  • Thank everyone for coming.
  • Take a group photo to share if the group gives permission!
  • Collect contact information and offer to follow-up in the next few days.
  • Encourage the group to keep talking! Suggest that they hold their own KTCC and share the KTCC resources.
  • What are members of this conversation keen on? involved in? Is there anything more they’d like to learn or discuss?  Maybe try a poll! Or follow-up with a post-conversation survey.
  • Make plans to meet again to continue the conversation if that works for the group.
  • Suggest attendees like the KTCC Facebook page and we can invite them to the KTCC group.

Share your KTCC experience by sending a message about it and a picture to or by liking the KTCC page and posting there.

Act Collectively!

See the "What's Next" slideshow pages 48-51 in the KTCC Toolkit's Presenter Slides.


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