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On this page, find some accounts of past events, climate communication resources and information. Stay tuned for updates and additions, including some climate communication stories!

Climate Conversations in Ontario

Mar 25, 2022In March 2022, ClimateFast’s Kitchen Table Climate Conversations (KTCC) team held two webcasts designed to help people feel more confident talking climate ahead of the Ontario provincial election o

A Model Conversation

Apr 9, 2021 On March 15th, we held our second KTCC webcast in the current training series. This one was a demonstration of the whole conversation, from start to finish!

Bringing People Together - Antonia Sappong

Mar 15, 2021 At our March 1st webcast, Antonia Sappong shared the perspective of a health professional about why it is important to talk about and work for climate justice.

Bringing People Together - Steve Shallhorn and Sarah Kamau

Mar 8, 2021 Steve Shallhorn and Sarah Kamau were among the speakers who helped us explore and express the importance of talking about and working for climate justice.

Bringing People Together - Sophie Krouse and Sigfried Hemming

Mar 6, 2021 Thank you to everyone who attended or participated in the first webcast in our March/April training series - Bringing People Together!

Bringing People Together - Part 2

Mar 6, 2021 Workshop Leaders Bios Henry Wai - Nonviolent Communication™ process

KTCC Photo Gallery

Jan 15, 2021 Let us know how your conversation went! Send us a photo so that we can include it in our gallery.

Conversational Inspiration

Jan 14, 2021 Some ongoing conversational initiatives!