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Traité de non-prolifération des combustibles fossiles (2021)

FFNPT Pledge Letter to Federal Election Candidates (2021)

Letter on Six Points of Climate Action (2019)

Call to Action on Global Warming to Prime Minister, MPs and Premiers (March 2016)

Appel à l'action de premier ministre et les premiers ministres (Mars 2016)

Sample Letter to Prime Minister(2016)

Parliamentarian Sample Letters (2019)



Bill 5 - reductions of wards in the City of Toronto (2018)

Bill 4 - cancellation of Cap and Trade program (2019)


Municipal - City of Toronto

Bill 5 - Reduction of Wards (2018)

We have provided a list of email addresses for City of Toronto Councillors which you can copy and paste into the CC list when you send your message.