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ClimateFast members urge government to adopt a climate-aligned finance act

Minister Freeland is urged to make a public commitment to require Canadian banks to align their investments with the Paris goal of limiting warming to 1.5C.

Because Later Is Too Late: A Guide for Taking Action

“One of the best and most challenging things about the climate crisis is that there is no one solution. That is, the solution is a mosaic of many changes.”

Transforming Ontario’s Electricity Sector II

Join the fight for a renewable energy future!  Please join our lobby day coordinated by CCL, OCEC, OCAA and ClimateFast.

September Marches and Demonstrations

It has been an incredible summer with climate impacts coast to coast to coast. Massive dislocation due to forest fires, and major flooding events. More than six times the area burned on average in the last ten years, and the summer’s not over yet. It’s a crucial time to raise our voices for climate action! And we have a full calendar of events in September to give you a place to raise your voice, with others. We invite everyone to get involved in a Global March to End Fossil Fuels action between Sept 15 and 17. Please scroll down for these opportunities - and join us!

Toronto Mayor Climate Commitment Campaign

Toronto elected a mayor committed to taking immediate action to avoid the worst impacts of the climate crisis. Congratulations to Olivia Chow and all who participated in the campaign.

Climate-concerned citizens call on voters to consider Climate Candidates

ClimateFast announces the results of the Mayoral Climate Commitment campaign and joins the Toronto Environmental Alliance (TEA) in a day of action to mobilize voters.

Call for Gardiner East Transparency

In February, the group that is now called Gardiner East Transparency sent a letter to City Council about the need to have an updated financial report on the Gardiner East. That letter was signed by 35 groups, including many TCAN member groups.

It is now time to follow up since the Gardiner issue as now been added to the Infrastructure and Environment Committee agenda for March 20th.

2022 ClimateFast Reflections

ClimateFast member Mark Shapland reflects on the challenges and accomplishment of ClimateFast in 2022.

2023 City of Toronto Budget Deputations

ClimateFast has a long history of supporting climate action in the City of Toronto, through budget deputation trainings and other actions that play an important role in securing Council’s support for the TransformTO-Net Zero Strategy.

Candles for COP 27: A Poem

A poem, written for and read at the "Candles for COP27: A Vigil for the Earth" event on November 13th, by ClimateFast member Colleen Lynch.

COP27 and Human Rights in Egypt

ClimateFast is deeply troubled by the fact that the COP 27 is being held in Egypt, an extremely repressive police state where the rights to freedom of expression, association and peaceful assembly are harshly repressed and infractions are met with torture, incarceration and even death.

In those circumstances, ClimateFast doesn’t feel that Canada can be part of the much needed International climate negotiations leading to a successful, inclusive and participatory climate summit without bearing witness to and demanding the end of state repression of civil society in Egypt. 

Many Voices

In September, several impactful events converged, both here in Canada and around the world. From disastrous floods In Pakistan to pipelines that threatened pristine rivers on the west coast, from widespread famine in Africa to increased energy insecurity in Europe, they underscored the threats of climate catastrophe, war, human rights violations and colonialism.

Tell the CBC that they need to tell the truth about our climate crisis

Send an email to the federal minister responsible for the CBC and the CBC executive team.

Questions for Toronto Municipal Election Candidates

Municipal elections will take place across Ontario on October 24, 2022. 

Municipal elections are important! Local elections have the lowest participation of any elections in Canada, even though municipal policies have a huge impact on overall community well-being. Many people don’t realize that residents have more power to make change happen at the local level than at the provincial or federal levels, which are more heavily influenced by the vested interests of corporate lobbyists. 

2022 Municipal Elections

Municipal elections are important! Check out these tools and resources to help you elect a Climate Champion candidate on October 24th.

Anxious Every Day and Not the Only One

Youth lead on climate justice. Literally. This summer, Fridays for Future Toronto members (FFFTO) forgo outings with friends, days at the beach and countless other things, to coordinate the adults they’ve called to the organizing table. They are anxious about the climate crisis and determined to do something about it! Join us for the Global Climate Strike September 23rd.

Climate Change Comes to Ontario

The May 21, 2022 Canadian Derecho was a historic high-impact event that affected the Windsor to Quebec City- Corridor, Canada's most densely populated region. With winds up to 190 km/h and several tornadoes, it caused extensive damage along a 1,000 kilometres path. Three cities across southern Ontario declared a state of emergency. at least eleven people were killed and power outages affected an estimated 1.1 million customers,

Health and environment groups demand public consultations on aviation emissions plan

Over thirty health, environment, faith and youth groups today released a letter urging the federal government to consult the public before releasing a new ten-year action plan to reduce climate pollution from air travel.

Celebrate National Indigenous Day - June 21st

June is National Indigenous History Month, and on June 21st we celebrate National Indigenous Peoples Day. It is a time to recognize the rich history and culture of First Nations, Inuit and Métis Peoples across Canada.

Election Reflections and Next Steps

The Ontario provincial election is over but the results were not what we were hoping for. In our last several newsletters we invited every one of you to consider the importance of the June 2nd provincial election in moving climate action forward, and many of you stepped up. You joined cooperative voting initiatives, you worked on campaigns for climate champions, and you made sure to vote!