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Sample Letter 2015 03 01- End Subsidies

Dear Mr. Harper

I am writing to ask you to set a clear end date when Canada will no longer subsidize fossil fuels. We now know that it is most important that exploration and development dollars for oil and gas (The CEE - Canadian Exploration Expense and CDE – Canadian Development Expense), must be converted to research and development dollars for renewable energy infrastructure so we can meet our objectives of a transition to a renewable energy economy.

Sample Letter 2015 02 01- Carbon Pricing

Sample Letter 2015 02 01 ClimateFast

This month we invite you to write your premier, MLA (MPP or MNA) and copy the editor of your local paper as well as the leaders of the opposition.

1. Identify something your province is doing right and congratulate them.
2. Identify the most important gap in policy from our three asks:

Sample Letter to Press - December 1st -- Lima Peru

Dear Editor (cc Stephen Harper, John Baird, Leona Aglukkaq, Thomas Mulcair, Justin Trudeau, Elizabeth May)

In Lima, Peru, world leaders will try to move toward agreement on climate targets. Climate change is not a partisan issue. Canadians of all stripes should let their government know that we expect them to promote aggressive targets to rapidly reduce greenhouse gases and make the transition to renewable energy. The Canadian delegation should reflect all parties and include prominent representatives from civil society. We need to work together as Canadians to achieve tough…

Sample Letter November 1st: Innovate. Plan the Change.

Dear (Your MP) cc to your local newspaper, 3 party leaders

Canada is still lagging way behind in setting real, sufficient, and effective targets to reduce greenhouse gas pollution. I am really concerned that with current energy prices so low, we will completely ignore the necessity to leave larger reserves of fossil fuels in the ground. Even Mark Carney, former governor of the Bank of Canada and current governor of the Bank of England has stated we have to leave the fossil fuel reserves in the ground. There is no room in the atmosphere to add all that carbon pollution. We are…

ClimateFast FAST and VIGIL on Parliament Hill Sept 28-Oct 2

Dear MP,

I am writing you in support of the ClimateFasters who are on a Fast and Vigil on Parliament Hill between September 29th and October 2nd. I would really appreciate if you would take the time to stop and talk with them. I am asking you to sign the MP Pledge either on the Hill or at

Sample Letter to MP - Sept 1st - Labour Day

Dear MP (or Corporate President)

On Labour Day I write to tell you that as a worker, it is my hope that Canada (this company) will do all it can to prepare us for a twenty-first century economy based on green jobs. Climate Change is the greatest challenge we face as a company, as a country, and as a world. It is time for real leadership and action now.

Fast For the Climate, September 1, 2014

The international Fast for the Climate shares the following news:

As September 1st approaches, we extend warm greetings to you, and look forward to coming together again to fast and stand in solidarity with those most vulnerable to dangerous climate impacts. More and more individuals and organisations are joining the movement by signing up at

Here is what Fourth-Grade Filip Zembowicz from Carolina, USA had to say about why he wanted to join Fast for the Climate:

Workers of the World Unite – For a Clean Energy Future and Green Jobs

As Labour Day approaches, we are all thinking of working people in Canada and all over the world. So much of our economies depend on extensive use of coal, oil and gas. Those who would accuse us of unrealistic idealism say that we will destroy the Canadian economy and job growth if we implement ClimateFast’s three basic asks:

Sample Letter to Provinces - Climate First on August First

Dear Provincial MPP (MLA) Minister of Energy and Resources, Premier, Minister of the Environment; Provincial or local utility;

On our civic holiday (use name, or if you don’t have one just skip) I write to you, to ask you work with me toward real climate leadership in Canada.

The science is in. The facts are plain. All over the world we must make the transformation to renewable energy as quickly as possible. We have to change from a reliance on fossil fuels as the foundation of our economy to renewable energy.

Sample Letter to MP - July 1st -- Canada Day

Dear MP

It is Canada Day and I write to you, my Member of Parliament, to ask you to work with me toward real climate leadership in Canada.

The science is in. The facts are plain. All over the world we must make the transformation to renewable energy as quickly as possible. We have to change from a reliance on fossil fuels as the foundation of our economy to renewable energy.

Momentum is building

The ClimateFast team is working full out to prepare for the fast. It is only a few weeks away and there is lots to do.

Sharon's story

My name is Sharon Howarth and I have two young adult daughters.  For the first time in my life, I fasted for nearly 7 days. I can’t believe I did that.

Being with a group of dedicated, courageous neighbours, working on the critical issue of climate change and asking our government for a solution, gave me the focus and strength I needed to see the fast through.

Toronto climate justice activists call for a Canadian Renewable Energy Plan

Listen to an interview with climate justice activist Angela Orellana Schwalm followed by a group discussion at the solidarity vigil held Tuesday in Toronto.

They were joined on the telephone by Lyn Adamson, who along with other climate justice activists has been fasting in Ottawa on Parliament Hill since Sept. 21st, International Day of Peace.

Wrapup: politicians who signed on, future actions and lots of thanks

Dear friends,

It is time to wrap up our Fast and Vigil on Parliament Hill and head home. We have all started eating again. After a fast, it’s good to take it easy and let your digestive system re-adjust. It is a time to appreciate the privilege of having food easily available, and having a choice in what we eat.

We have accomplished a great deal in our time in Ottawa, with your active support from all across the country. The MPs are hearing us. And we need to continue.

Court tosses fines against environmentalists

[Graham] Saul suggested that the case would continue to inspire other action, including an ongoing hunger strike against the federal government’s climate change policies that is now being waged by a group that includes three environmentalists who were among the 13 to see their fines overturned.

More MPs pledge their support

Alex Atamanenko and Nicole Turmel have recently signed the pledge board.

Peter Julian pledged his support online.

Donate to Hungry for Climate Change

We have added a page where you can donate via PayPal.

Please consider donating a few dollars or more to help us continue with this vital work. We cannot issue a tax receipt at this time however we will be very, very grateful. If you wish to get our mailing list please email